Why Become A Member Of Shoes GB?
Lots of websites and lots of companies claim they want to place the customer first and really if they do not you should be suspicious. However, in most cases these promises or statements are empty.
You will have noticed on our website that we have a discounted members price shown for the majority of products. For these products the package that we offer is easy: if you sign up as a member then that is the price you pay. (This will always be less than the recommended retail price). You can make your own mind up here but as I see it the need to shop around has just been removed. We never say that we are the cheapest because that would simply be plain silly. However, as an overall package, I think we are the best because of the following package that a member receives for free:
Members discount on the majority of products.
Regular voucher and special offers that may be brand specific or to use on any brand. Now straight away think about how a particular brand may quite illegally (but it is done) attempt to restrict the end retail price of the products we sell. Hence, you will not see a members price. Nevertheless, we will send you a voucher that you can use for that brand and all of a sudden you are receiving a price and package no one else can match.
Free standard UK delivery on all orders no matter how small. Free replacement delivery, just get your exchange back to us and we will send out your replacement free of charge. Standard delivery is also next day if ordered by 1pm on all footwear shown as free next day delivery.
Members only offers. Simply, these are products that are full price to none members but are heavily discounted to members. (These are shown in the members only section).
Free gifts. We have not got these all the time but when we have they are offered to all.
So, I feel the five points above offer a great package. Signing up is free and all the details that you ever give us are never passed on to a third party. In the case of payment details we are happy to say that we now power all our payment via PayPal supported formats so that you can be sure of payment security. Certainly compared to a simple price pledge we offer a lot more. We also try to be clear and as honest as possible. I am happy for my picture to appear here and if you go to the about us section you can see who we are. The whole team are footwear people first it is our trade (Exclude Kris our IT guy there he is computers and music first). Why not go to the about section and have a look at us and see what we are about. Or read the Shoe Post; our free magazine just for ShoesGB.
Thanks, Mark.