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RM Williams is your ultimate Australian boot brand with their signature one-seam boots that are ideal for work, casual and dress wear. With exceptional durability and style, the R.M.Williams boot is one that will last for many years to come, retaining it's classic style. Their accessories also include men's belts, hats and shoe care, continuing their high-quality and style.
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Top 10 RM Williams Boots For Men
Posted by:Rebecca on30-01-11
RM Williams boots are designed to last, which is why many people choose RM Williams boots for work boots, casual and dress boots. Equally, with their timeless style they hold their classic appearance, retaining the same qualities that first allowed the RM ... read full article »
Styles of R.M.Williams – From Stockman to Stockyard
Posted by:Rebecca on03-11-10
Using the same traditions of R.M.Williams himself, whilst incorporating new innovations and technologies, R.M.Williams have produced a sensational range of boots, to include the following... ... read full article »
R.M.Williams Australian Boots Manufacturing Process - The Sole
Posted by:Rebecca on02-11-10
Evidently, no matter how high-quality the leather upper of the boot may be, this is all irrelevant if the sole of the shoe doesn't live up to the same high calibre of standards. Therefore, just as the leather uppers are tailored to meet various different ... read full article »
R.M.Williams Australian Boots Manufacturing Process - The Leather Uppers
Posted by:Rebecca on01-11-10
Recognising the sheer importance of ones feet and the comfort that one needs to feel when walking in their boots, R.M.Williams continue to use the highest quality of leathers for their boots. As important as it was 70 years ago to Williams himself, leathe ... read full article »
The Man, The Myth, The Legend – The Beginning of R.M.Williams Boots
Posted by:Rebecca on29-10-10
In 1908 a man, Reginald Murray Williams, was born on a farm in South Australia who had such a passion for the Australian bush, that even following his later success, he returned to his natural home, leaving his impressive new home behind. His life is some ... read full article »
Material Used in Footwear - A Guide to Leather, Linings & Finishes
Posted by:Rebecca on18-10-10
Traditionally, leather is the preferred choice of material for a shoe or boots upper material as it offers numerous qualities, which are often left missed out in other materials. ... read full article »
When Leather Soles are Damaged by Heat – Drying Your Boots With Care
Posted by:Rebecca on18-10-10
Unfortunately, many people are unaware of some of the damages that can occur to the leather soles of shoes or boots when exposed to heat. Most commonly, the damage occurs when the leather is wet, as people mistakenly place the shoes near a fire or rad ... read full article »
R.M.Williams Boot Fitting Guide – Achieve the Perfect Width, Length & Size in Your Boots
Posted by:Rebecca on15-10-10
If you are currently looking for new boots, there are quite a few things that need taking into consideration, from the width and length to the heel to ball measurement. Finding the boot that fits your foot is rather like Cinderella and her glass slipp ... read full article »
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