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FitFlop Ladies & Mens Toning Shoes, Boots & Sandals
FitFlop offer a range of ladies and men's footwear that tones you as you walk! Ideal if you're looking for that casual item of footwear as well as something that can get you fit while you walk! With their exceptional Microwobbleboard technology included within their designs, FitFlop offer stylish footwear for both Winter and Summer.
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If the Shoe Fits... Find your favourite Fitflop
Posted by:Alison on29-05-12
People are talking about Fitflop! They are the original muscle activating tone up footwear with biomechanically engineered Microwobbleboard midsoles to help activate the leg muscles more as well as the new more slimline Fitflop silhouette with a triple de ... read full article »
FitFlop Win Drapers Footwear Brand of the Year Award
Posted by:Rebecca on09-06-11
Drapers annual Footwear Awards celebrate the best achievements of the footwear world, with categories from Best New Store to Footwear Brand of the Year. And, celebrating success in the Footwear Brand of the Year this year are some of Shoes GB's best-selli ... read full article »
Are All These Toning Shoes A Health Concern Or Not?
Posted by:Rebecca on26-05-11
Dominating the news at the moment, particularly in America, is the whole concept of toning shoes and the health issues that could be caused; and with over a billion dollars spent on toning shoes last year alone, the new health concerns could be a worry fo ... read full article »
Nigella Lawson's Bunions Need FitFlop's Electra Sandals
Posted by:Rebecca on21-04-11
Nigella Lawson has been captured in more than one unflattering picture during her visit to Australia to film the new season of MasterChef. She was first pictured wearing a burkini (a swimsuit designed for Muslim women) on the beach, which covered her from ... read full article »
Top 10 FitFlop Boots, Shoes & Sandals – Best-Selling Online FitFlops
Posted by:Rebecca on03-01-11
Over the past few years FitFlop have become recognised globally as a fitness footwear brand with a difference. Not only do their shoes, boots and sandals help tone the body but they fit comfortably into fashion trends too, meaning getting fit couldn't be ... read full article »
The Origins of FitFlop Footwear – A Biography of Marcia Kilgore
Posted by:Rebecca on16-12-10
The boss and innovator of FitFlop, Marica Kilgore, is a successful entrepreneur and not just for FitFlop themselves but other highstreet collections, including Soap & Glory, a successful cosmetic range. However, as a lady in her 40's, married with two chi ... read full article »
FitFlop Shoes – 'Get a Workout While You Walk' – The Benefits
Posted by:Rebecca on07-12-10
Recognising that many women who lead hectic lifestyles simply do not have enough time to tone up, Marcia Kilgore developed the FitFlop footwear range, which has now also been extended to a mens selection. The footwear is specifically designed to help tigh ... read full article »
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FitFlop Product Reviews
Was recommended by a friend to buy Fitflop, as she said they were so comfortable. She was right! I can wear them all day long. Also I can have a slightly different look by turning the top down to create a cuff, a great casual look.

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